Edith Arias

Edith is a certified Reiki practitioner since 2014, she learned Reiki after experiencing a profound session. What she sensed and felt during the session impacted her so much that she seeked to learn it to help others. Reiki helped her reduce the anxiety and emotional pain she was having from a traumatic experience, she knows first hand that it works. She has provided Reiki not only to family and friends but has volunteered to provide Reiki for hospice and cancer patients. Edith loves to learn and continues to learn many alternative healing modalities.

Edith is completing a certification with Healing Touch, another beautiful modality of energy medicine. She is currently a level 4 apprentice. She volunteers at Alexian Brothers Cancer center in Elk Grove, where energy is provided to those undergoing chemo and other cancer treatments.

Edith had a wonderful past life regression and decided to learn regression hypnosis. She became certified as a clinical Hypnotist in 2017. She incorporates hypnosis and energy work to help with the healing process. She knows that alternative modalities are a safe way to heal the mind, body and spirit.

She resides in Chicago with her husband and dog Mela.

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