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Reiki – (Restores the flow of energy)

Reiki is a energy technique that helps restore balance on the body, mind and spirit. Reiki transmits energy through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the client, it balances chakras, meridians and energy fields. Reiki restores by flowing positive energy through the affected parts of the body and energy fields. A session can reduce stress, pain, and emotional blockages in the body.
Reiki works with the magnetic energy fields surrounding the body, it supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Our negative thoughts, stress, depression and imbalances have a big impact on our health and energy field. We all have the ability to heal by simply changing our own energy and cultivating positive thoughts. Reiki helps align and heal on a deeper level before symptoms arrive on the surface.

Healing Touch Practitioner – A (Restores and balances energy )

Healing Touch is a therapy that helps to restore and balance energy that has been depleted due to stress, illness, injury, grief, medical conditions, surgery or medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system by creating an optimal environment to enable the body’s innate tendency for healing to occur.


Guided Hypnosis (Hypnosis to get to the root of problem)

Hypnosis is a healing modality that helps release traumas that are stored in the body. The client will be in a comfortable and safe setting, the practitioner will guide the client into a state of relaxation. Hypnosis allows one to reach a heightened state of awareness, the subconscious, when this state is reached it allows one to focus on a particular issue that needs to be addressed.  Hypnosis does not put one to sleep nor does it make one unconscious, one will be fully aware of the experience and one will be conversing with the practitioner. The client has the control of his/her thoughts, the subconscious mind is active and can regress to a young age.  In this guided hypnosis the practitioner works with the client on identifying the old negative pattern/trauma, the practitioner helps address the old negative pattern/trauma and guides the client to create a new healthy and positive patterns.

Distance Energy Healing – Remote Sessions: 

Distance Energy works with the permission of the client. The healer connects into the clients energy and is guided through his/her higher spiritual guidance. The client will be in the comfort of his/her own home and simultaneously the session begins. The client might experience coolness or warmth around the body as the energy is shifting and running through.  The client might fall asleep as they become more relaxed. An alarm can be set by the client to ensure he/she is awaken at the end of the session for a discussion.